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Testimoninals from some of the teachers using the AP Chem Solutions Resources

"The materials worked out great last year, and I am definitely using them again this year.  Within our AP chem class of 24, there were seven students who earned 5s and only two earned less than a 3. Thanks again!!"

Tracy Veresh
AP Chemistry Teacher
Ferndale High School
Ferndale, Michigan

"As a first year AP Chem teacher, I was initially stressed.  They told me I would be teaching AP Chemistry a few days before the year started.  I used your resources and 80% of my students
received a 3 or higher on the Exam!" 

Ryan Dennehy
AP Chemistry Teacher
Martin Luther King Jr Academic Magnet High School
Nashville, Tennessee

"I have found much of your CD very useful in my classroom this year. This summer I will be the lead consultant at two APSIs.  I will direct the teachers to your website for more information on the CD."

Debby Greear
AP Chemistry Teacher and Lead APSI Consultant
Edmond North High School
Edmond, Oklahoma

"Once again, thank you for the great job you did with these materials.  It made my first year teaching AP a success."

Michael Savage
AP Chemistry Teacher
Sterling Heights High
Sterling Heights, Michigan

"[M]y students did quite well on the AP Test this year - and I know it had a lot to do with the help that your resources provided me! I was so proud!
Thank you for everything!  
I'll be at an AP Conference on August 10th... and will be glad to mention your company."

Susan Ballard
AP Chemistry and Chemistry Teacher
Edison High School
Huntington Beach, California

"I will be attending an APSI next week on Chemistry, and I will take my software with, and recommend it to those attending. I found it of great use last year."

Don Helman
AP Chemistry and Forensic Science Teacher
Spoto High School
Riverview, Florida

"Thank you!! I am very impressed with the lecture slides and worksheets! My students really like the on-line examples."

Leisa Runyan
AP Chemistry and Chemistry Teacher
Hood River Valley High School
Hood River, Oregon

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